miércoles, abril 08, 2009

¡¡Oh, man!! The adventures of Pashow in Trinidad had finished..

We feel very sorry to announce to you, all the readers of The Monserga of Football, that the adventures of Pashow Maturana in the Caribbean, had finished.
We know that all of the colombian readers of TMOF are feeling very bad with this news, because with the departure of Pa$how, we lost one more choice to have one national team to "be Colombia in the World Cup". Do not tell ourselves lies (?)... All we know that it is very difficult to watch Colombia in South Africa´s stadiums with a team where Hugh Roda-coming and Radamel "The New Aristi" Falcao are our forwards, and Macnelly Towers and Stalin Dot are the Pibe´s replacements!

Pashow gaining more experience in Port Spain

Pashow resigned as Trinidad & Tobago manager because some differences of opinion with the Trimayor (?), the maximum organization of T&T football. Some confidential reports indicate that Pashow said after the embarrassing defeat againts USA last week "Be cool, anyway, tomorrow in Port Spain the little birds will be singing". The Trimayor executive members did not understand what the colombian dentist was saying; Pashow explained later to some close relatives: "Experiences as these defeats are very important for the team, is not true?. As we lost more matches, the team will become more experienced. But these Trimayor members only want to win... and in this way I can´t work".... and later he resigned.

Some local newspapers had criticized the convocatories that Pashow made for the last World Cup Qualifying matches. Yes, with the great quantity of cracks and all the great players in Trinidad and Tobago, we don´t understand why they are not doing a better performance!

The colombian philosopher had several of experience$ in clubs and national teams of Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador and Spain. He managed the Colombia golden age, together with his assistant, Hernán "The Wood Stick" Gómez, and players as Carlos "The Pibe" Valderrama, Leonel Alvarez, Luis Carlos "The Ugly Big Fish" Perea, Anthony "The Smurf" De Avila, Arnold Iguarán and Ivan "The Big Cheek" Valenciano, as others.

The Monserga of Football want to wish good luck to Mr Pashow Maturana in any adventure he has from now on. But we hope that these adventures will not be in our loved Powerful DIM ... please stay away from the Red of the Mountain!

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  1. well, losing is winning a little bit......

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAH What a great post


    YSEC RULES!!! this post made laugh a lot...

    good luck pa$how!! please don't come back to Colombia... and

    In your Face c-box you will never forget chatango rules april 8 (?)

  3. (8) blue and red til' the end, the people is with the DIM, blue and red til' the end, pa$how will be, with the DIM; i don't need you to be on top, to workship you, my hermoso DIM (8)

    y esto: "Experiences as these defeats are very important for the team, is not true?. As we lost more matches, the team will become more experienced. But these Trimayor members only want to win... and in this way I can´t work" jajajajaja, brillante

  4. "But these Trimayor members only want to win... and in this way I can´t work" jajajaja... Excelente....

    Sorry Mr YSEC but a think that the next "Victim" of Pa$how Power will be your D.I.M.(?) ...Nah, but, if Bora Milutinovich is the New coach of the irak Selección, Why Pa$how could not be the New Afganistan Soccer Team Coach(?)?

  5. Rumor said that Matu-Frog is alligatoring(?) the coach position to Mr Edward Lara...

  6. trimayor! jaja. That's a good point.

  7. What the hell is going on, today I had an accident and now I read TMOF and all is in english, and the bizarriest (?) is that I can understand it!!!!

    Mr YSEC great post, as always... I really hope that Pa$show never come back to our country... but you know that following the murphy's law, probably very soon this guy could be the next coach of teams like DIM or Nacional...

  8. Bangalter, está buena la idea de la traducción al inglés de la canción del DIM: traduzcámosla juntos, se la vendemos a Katy Perry (?) y nos llenamos de Plata:

    Playing the nicest football
    The Powerful don´t deceive it
    From Comesaña to Brown
    From Brown to Comesaña
    The People shouts thunderously
    Hail DIM the Powerful! (x2)
    Blue and red til' the end, the people is with the DIM!

  9. Breaking News from T&T:

    Pa$how announces that he wants to be coaching his hearth's team; The Powerful D*M...(?)

  10. panchocristal4/10/2009 3:48 a.m.

    Jajajaja! Falto "the Train". Mereceria post un recuento de los apodos que ha visto nuestro futbol. The "old willy", the "alligator" Sanchez, the "fly" Caicedo, the "freckled" Castro, "goofy" Valencia, The "sweet potatoe" Castro, the "pirate" Ferrer, the "egg" Gil, the "kid from the hood" Escobar....

  11. MR. YSEC, you did it again, I can't stop laughing

  12. thanks for this post, was excellent

    Mcnelly towers, trimayor, Roda-coming....

    ufffffff BIG Ysec!!!

  13. I Bank YSEC to death (?)

    Great post, man... but we're afraid Pa$how will be here for taking care of his business such as DIM and Colombia... please, Tuvalu, hire him!!!! (?)

  14. todos entendieron menos yo(?)

  15. "Equal, the birds will sing tomorrow". I don't know about if the bird will sing in Port of Spain, in Medellín or any Arabia...

  16. It's time to think about the next fight between Pa$how and the wood stick Gomez for the antioquian benchs (?)

  17. LOL!!! always great with your post Mr. IATC, the best of this post is that all the members of the Fellowship Of The Balderdash (?), don't know much english...so they (we) use the yellow oldschool chicago dictionary, or the google translator!!!!... XD

  18. Donde esta tu shoutbox???
    En fin, muchas gracias por tu mensaje, te agregare al msn.... y obvio genial el post de maturana :D

  19. Whatta kewl post! I really, really hope this will be the last time he directs any kind of soccer team! Whatta con artist!

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